Our Story

 While humanity is currently facing troubling times, we must not neglect our long standing environmental crisis. My name is TrudyLines, I am a New York based tattoo artist and the creator of the #BottleNo30 project. Being raised in Austria, I have always been connected with nature. As an artist I feel responsible to influence environmental changes through my art and take a stance against single use plastic. This is why I created the #BottleNo30 Project, which is the world’s first reusable water bottle to fund reforestation projects and provide clean drinking water to individuals in need.

 I want my bottle to empower lasting change that creates a strong impact on preserving the integrity of our planet. I was able to do so through my partnership with SIGG Bottles by redirecting the proceeds of each #BottleNo30 purchased to One Tree Planted and Water Is Life. Each bottle plants 5 trees which at maturity will sequester an average of 240lbs of Carbon, EVERY YEAR. #BottleNo30 will give communities a clean drinking solution that provides each individual with 2 - 3 liters of clean drinking water, EVERY DAY. This will significantly reduce your carbon footprint, with protecting the planet by simply establishing a new habit in #30 days,  through completely replacing the use of single use plastic bottles. 

Thank you for your support in creating a better future for our environment.

xo Trudy